Hello and a warm welcome to my blog!

My name is Colin and I am a 50 year old Englishman striving to earn a crust

from home, online, through internet! At the moment I am concentrating on

creating my own Information Products, more commonly known as ebooks and

selling ebooks that have resell rights through various websites and mediums

including ebay. After two years of searching for the ‘Magic Formula’ for making

money online, I have come to the conclusion  that there isn’t a ‘Magic Formula’

but that success online can be had through hard work, dedication and the ability

to finish what you have started before jumping on to the next ‘big thing’! Above

all, you MUST have fun! I love it, I have ‘met’ some fantastic, helpful and generous

folks online that will do anything for you at the drop of a hat and likewise, I would

and will do the same for them.

I do follow the teachings of a handful of marketers that give fantastic content and

are very helpful and generous with their advice, if ever you have any problems in

the marketing world. I won’t name them here but there will be links to their blogs

and services on the home page of this blog.