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I have been experimenting for the last couple of months with two creations that aim to help you build up your Twitter followers and make the most of your account.
Twitter Muscle – “How To Get Noticed On Twitter” by the very knowledgeable Gary Simpson (known as TheGazzMan on Twitter) and Tweet Dynamite from Dave Nicholson.

Twitter Muscle is a well written, very thorough, free ebook available here. I love Gary’s style of writing, blunt and straight to the point and his sense of humour, which is sprinkled liberally throughout the ebook. Gary takes you from signing up to Twitter, laying out your home page, do’s and don’ts, how to present yourself, subjects to avoid while ‘Tweeting’, right through to building a massive following. Above all, you will learn the finer points of ‘Twitter Etiquette’!

The ebook is a ‘must read’ for new and old Twitter users alike, in fact, in my own humble opinion, Twitter should make new users read it and then answer questions on it before they are let loose on Twitter!

I put into practice a few of Gary’s tips and tricks on my Twitter account and with a little effort, I increased my followers from 364 to 821 (see screenshot below), which I was really happy with!

Twitter Muscle Count

Twitter Muscle Count

Tweet Dynamite from Dave Nicholson is a set of very well made set of video’s showing how to automate your Twitter account using freely available Twitter Applications.
Dave shows how to generate excellent, fresh content (automated of course) for your followers and even goes as far as showing how you can make money with your Twitter account! The video’s take you right from Twitter sign up to sending your Twitter Follower count through the roof. I found the video’s really easy to follow and the automation was simple to put in place.

Before using Tweet Dynamite, I decided to leave Twitter alone and let my follower count level out after using Gary’s Twitter Muscle methods. When I put Tweet Dynamite into action on the 12th September the follower count was 809, as of today, the 25th September, the count is 1217! (see screenshot below)

Tweet Dynamite Count

Tweet Dynamite Count

Over 400 followers gained after setting up the automation once and leaving things to develop! That is an excellent result! I have no doubt that, if I had gone back in to fine tune the automation, I would have at least doubled the 400 new followers.

I recommend both Twitter Muscle and Tweet Dynamite, they are both very useful creations for old and new Tweeters alike but make sure you read Twitter Muscle first as you may be asked questions on it later!


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